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The Spiral of Knowledge What values do libraries have in today’s information society? We visit libraries not only to find information, but also to interact with books, take part in reading with others, and to experience space as a collection of human knowledge. Those activities are the very joys of urban life: coming across friends on the street, talking in a café at the corner of the plaza, and being captivated by an ever-changing urban scenery. The proposed Varna Library crystallizes such attractive moments of urban space as architecture. The proposal comprises of two major elements. One is the Storage Terrace, a space for collecting knowledge through books, defining a framework for the library as an urban infrastructure. The other is the Bookshelf Steps, which support the access to this knowledge, as a sequence of open areas, extended from the urban space. With these two elements spiraling together, Varna Library hosts diverse, rich experiences to become a place for serendipity within the City of Varna.
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